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  • ViberCAM

    We dedicate on making a secured environment around you to live freely without risk of threaten.. “ViberCAM" CCTV security camera system carry out a free set of mind to you and brings surveillance and security to your premises.

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  • ViberBOX

    Experience the difference with “ViberBOX” 3in1 Open source solution

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  • ViberLAN

    "Not just cabling..... It’s your root to high performance". Vibernets provides network cabling systems with reliability and high-performance. We apply standard copper and fiber optic systems and the technicians are well trained in the latest technological advancements and installation methods.

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  • Vibernets Academy

    We aim on making a Network specialist. All the courses aim to fit out students with expert knowledge and practical skills in Networking. This course is conducted on specifications of Cisco Networking Academy curriculum.. For more information visit

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  • VI-FI

    You never disconnected where ever you go... Stay Connected with Vi-FI. It's a reliable Wi-Fi solution to our customers.

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Who we are

VIBERNETS has incorporated in 2014 after having expertise experiences and knowledge on networking and Information Technology related products and business for many years.

We understand that businesses need a better network around it which always connected to their partners and should never make a harmful drop.

Everyone requires a fully integrated IT solution that provides best security and connected with future. Vibernets has identified that needs and provides vast range of network and IT solutions which identical for their business matter. We formed on the concept of “building a trusted network around you” and always exercise professionalism and used experts in the field of networking and IT.

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Vibernets Academy 90%
ViberCam 70%
Vi-Fi 40%
ViberLAN 70%
VebCom 80%
ViberBOX 92%